Stichting Egmond ’40 – ’45

Stichting Egmond ’40 – ’45

Donate to account number IBAN:NL71 RABO 0319 2703 00 of our foundation with ANBI status.

Donate by account number
IBAN: NL71RABO0319270300
of our foundation with ANBI status.


Lost Over Sea Tribute

Donate an identity tag?

By donating an identity tag you support the creation of the LOST Monument. The monument will be built from various replicas of identity tags.

There are ID tags of three different nationalities: American, German, and English. Different names are for sale per nationality. Five identity tags are available for each name. If all five have been donated, this name will no longer be available.

If you have donated a certain name, you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail. This confirmation consists of a certificate with the relevant name.
So you will not receive a physical product.

€ 15.00 per name
when donating an identity tag.

You can also donate a name 5 times. Then that name is exclusive to you and can no longer be donated by someone else. In that case, the costs are € 60.00.

How to donate:

  • Select the nationality
  • Choose the name
  • Choose the number of times you want to donate this name (5 times is exclusive)
  • Go to your shopping cart and checkout

U.S. ID Tags

English ID Tags